Friday, September 10, 2010

Painting Miniatures for the Beginner

  Often when I bring my miniatures to a game or show them off in my showcase. I find that people comment that they don't have the talent to paint. I always tell them it's a skill and not completely about talent. That most people can learn the basics of miniature painting. Perhaps it's because people think that highly skilled painters were always great painters. The reality is that most skilled painters learned good techniques for making minis look good.

  I know from experience that most people can be taught some basic skills in painting that will allow them to produce decent looking minis for gaming. Perhaps later (when my computer is fixed) I will post some of my thoughts on painting for beginners and some techiques for beginners that will help make their miniatures look pretty decent. Instead of that, I will post some links for folk who wish to learn how to paint.
Reaper Miniatures's How to Paint Kits  Come with paint, brushes, 2 minis and instructions for painting the minis each of the 4 sets expands on a techique for painting a type of thing (ie Armor, Cloth, Fur, Skin etc). Nice way to come into the hobby.
Vallejo Game Color Paint Set: Intro Set (16)  no instructions with this set, but it comes with full sized bottles of paint, and gives you a decent selection of basic colors.

Most Game and Hobby stores have books that cover painting miniatures. Techniques for painting military model figures work just as well when you are painting fantasy and scifi white metal minis.

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